Vitdag TV Mounting Guide

Vitdag TV Mounting Guide model: V3265

+ Twist screw to fix accessories in two points (a) and (b) as the picture, you may overturn accessories or add packing washer to have the most suitable mounting method
+ At a position (c) (d) may not be need to install, or make screws fixed the accessories and add packing washer if it need to match with the corner to view TV.

+ To measure the distance of 2 points (a) and (b) then to mark 2 corresponding points to the wall.

+ To calculate the height of place to hang TV, then to measure the distance from an balance position to 2 points which are previously marked. To mark and draw a line like the picture (*).

+ Take the stamp to drill as the image. To twist the screw for accessories to the wall. Use a 10cm drill.
+ If you set-upa 60″ 65″ or Plasma TV,should test the load by swinging accessories which are fixed on the wall to ensure it is safe before hanging up the TV.

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